Why buy from Strauss?

We Listen

We find jewelry one of the most personal items one can buy. We know you want to see it and touch it before you buy, an obvious advantage over online stores where customers never actually see their jewelry purchase until it is bought and paid for. We know you have questions about how it works with your lifestyle. At Strauss Jewelers we think of you as our neighbor and will work with you one-on-one for each and every purchase—we strive for excellent customer service.

At Strauss Jewelers, our vast array of fine jewelry is Never Ordinary.

We are pleased to present a unique selection of both fine jewelry and timepieces. We carry a wide variety of styles to match all tastes, from exotic pearls to colorful modern gemstone jewelry to classic engagement rings—Strauss has the perfect look to suit your style.

Personally selected pieces deliver beauty and excellence.

At Strauss Jewelers, we apply our exacting quality standards to each and every piece of jewelry in our shop. Whether you’re interested in diamonds, gemstones, engagement rings, timepieces, or any other piece of fine jewelry, you can rest assured that your setting was hand-selected for excellence.

Our loyal staff translates into long-term relationships with our customers.

You will work with experienced, trained staff every time you come to Strauss Jewelers. Furthermore, we enjoy incredible staff loyalty at Strauss Jewelers— some of us having worked together for more than 20 years. This means every time you come into Strauss Jewelers you continue an existing relationship instead of working with someone new each time you shop. We believe in helping our customers make informed decisions.

Our business is focused on our customers.

From advice on choosing a stone or setting to help designing a unique custom piece of jewelry.

Ongoing support for your lifetime jewelry purchases.

Strauss Jewelers can also handle jewelry repairs and maintenance in-house. (This applies to jewelry from Strauss Jewelers as well as jewelry from other retailers.) You can count on Strauss Jewelers to help you select, design, and maintain your jewelry throughout its lifetime.