Our experience with Strauss Jewelers was outstanding. We were looking for a jeweler in the Bellingham area that had a good reputation for custom and unique engagement ring designs and we had read favorable reviews of Strauss Jewelers in Mount Vernon. Previously, we ventured down to Seattle to meet with a designer who specialized in custom designs and we also wanted to visit a jeweler or two in our local area for comparison. I met with Barb during my first visit to Strauss and she was more than happy to discuss ideas for the ring and then show me a number of designs that she thought would be a good match, or at least a good place to start. Barb did a great job of explaining the different qualities of the metals and diamonds and how those qualities would affect the appearance and fit of the ring. After some more researching, I returned to Strauss with a ring design that was not offered by one of her regular suppliers. We discussed the pros and cons to the ring design and Barb was able to offer some advice without trying to steer the ring design in a different direction. Eventually, we selected a ring to replicate. I already had a centerpiece diamond to use in the ring, which was integrated without any issues. The ring turned out beautiful! It looks exactly like the pictures that were used as a model for the ring while only 70% of the price. It was a great experience working with Barb and I would recommend Strauss Jewelers to anyone looking for custom jewelry from a knowledgeable and passionate jeweler!